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Our Lives Are Forever Changed

Posted on Jul 4, 2011 by

On Sunday July 3rd – I had what I thought was flu like symptoms, that got progressively worse as the day went on. By late Sunday night I couldn’t bare the pain anymore and Dustin took me up to the hospital to get checked out. What I thought was the flu – was actually preeclampsia and that had escalated to what’s called HELLP syndrome. Needles to say our “well just got to the hospital to get checked out” turned into calling our families at midnight letting them know the baby was coming via emergency c-section. As the prepped me for the c-section both of our Moms, my Brother Tim and Dustin’s Sister Megan all came up to the hospital just in time to see me off for surgery. They all anxiously waited around for Miss Libby to make her arrival which was at 2:19 AM on July 4th.

What an amazing day – and what an amazing experience. Despite not going as planned (Libby came 3 weeks early) I would not change anything about that day, it was perfect. She was perfect… I’ll never forget the afternoon of the 4th. After Our families had come and gone. The 3 of us just sat in the hospital room and hung out. All I have and all I need in life were in that room — my new little family. There was such a tender peace about Libby that just filled our room. You couldn’t help but feel the joy and be happy.  It was an amazing feeling & an amazing experience that Dustin and I will cherish forever.

Elizabeth Ann Checketts

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