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Farewell To A Good Man

Posted on Jun 9, 2012 by

It’s hard to think that I’m 30 & my Dad is gone. I’m too young for this —I have more kids (I hope) for him to meet and be a Grandpa to. But a wise man once said that “having faith in the Lord is having faith in his timing too”. Which sometimes is hard for me, I’m a little on the inpatient side. I know in my heart that my Dad is happy and healthy and free from all that ailed him in his final days here on Earth. We firmly believe that families are forever and that we will see him again, that peace is what comforts our family right now.

I am thankful for the many things which my Dad did teach me – I feel a deep sense of pride in carrying on his legacy by living my life through the example he was. Even though sometimes I don’t understand why – I have faith in the timing of The Almighty and I cherish the time I did get.

Listed below is the press release the Governor issued on behalf of my Dad.

Governor Recalls Paul Barber as a Man of Vision and Innovation

SALT LAKE CITY- Today Governor Gary R. Herbert issued the following statement on the passing of Paul Flint Barber, Kaysville, a distinguished member of the Governor’s Energy Task Force.

“Paul Barber had one of the brightest minds-and biggest hearts-of any person with whom I have had the privilege to work. We were all blessed by his great intelligence, his remarkable creativity and his analytical thought. I asked him to serve on my state Energy Task Force and he spent hundreds of hours refining the state energy policy and writing the Ten-Year Strategic Plan.

“Paul was both a scientific thinker and a man of vision and innovation. Although his career was focused on energy, he put profound thought into everything he did. The State of Utah owes Paul, as well as his wife, Vicky, and family, a debt of gratitude for his many years of unselfish public service and substantial personal sacrifices.

“We in Utah are very fortunate to be the beneficiaries of Paul Barber’s great intelligence and wisdom. His contributions to our state and our country will be recognized and appreciated, now and for generations to come.”

Paul Flint Barber


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