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Walt Disney World 2012

Posted on Sep 10, 2012 by

Leave it to us – that Libby’s first official “plane ride” and “vacation” was to a Disney World. Would you expect anything less than a Disney something or other from the Checketts – probably not.

Going into this, I’ll admit it — I was little worried… The idea was for all of Dustin’s family (12 Adults + 6 Kids) to be under one roof for 10 days in Disneyworld. The outcome = BEST-VACATION-EVER!! We had so much fun just being together and making memories.

We thoroughly enjoyed being able to take my Mom and Tim – even though they are Barber’s and this was a Checketts vacation, everyone couldn’t have been nicer about them coming. Considering my Mom’s last year, we figured she needed/deserved some fun time. As for Tim well – he’s around so we took him too. But it was great to see my Mom at Harry Potter World (which she was sooooo excited to see). Libby was a trooper all through the trip. But we absolutely LOVED taking her to the Princess Dinner in the Castle. Those are pictures we will certainly show her future Prom Dates.

Everything about this trip was amazing and we truly had an incredible time. We are forever indebted to Brandon and Kelly in the generosity in getting us all together. What and amazing couple they are & what an amazing gift they gave us in making family memories we will cherish for a life time.

Disney's EPCOT Center

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